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BTB.TV – The Helium Party – In This Garden


The Helium Party performed their original song ‘In This Garden’ exclusively for BackToBasicsTV, singing around the fireplace just for Christmas!


BTB.TV – Charlotte Clark – ‘Morning Boy’


Charlotte Clark playing her brand new original song ‘Morning Boy’ exclusively for BackToBasicsTV.

BTB.TV – Connor Macdonald – ‘Earthquake’ – Labrinth (Cover)

Connor Macdonald’s version of earthquake by Labrinth exclusively for BackToBasicsTV

BTB.TV – Danny Gortler – ‘You Make It Real’ – James Morrison (Cover)

Danny Gortler dropped by BackToBasicsTV to film his version of James Morrison’s ‘You Make It Real’


BTB.TV’s Recording of Danny Gortler

On location at Farnborough 6th Form College filming Danny Gortler’s cover of ‘You Make It Real’ by James Morrison for BackToBasics.TV

The start of many videos to come. Just need to edit the video then should be up on here and YouTube etc.

Stay Tuned!


New Facebook Page…

The facebook page has only been active for 6 hours and has already got 100 likes!! This is crazy news guys!


Keep it up!

BTB.TV – Mike Williams – These Days

Mike Williams performing his original song ‘These Days’ exclusively for BackToBasics.TV

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