Reading Festival 2012: Latest Rumours

As per usual the rumours of potential line-ups have invaded the internet at an amazing rate, but here at BackToBasicsTV we have made it simpler for you guys to to see the hottest rumours before you splash out on those tickets. Here is what we have managed to find…

The Foo Fighters:

These world-reknowned rockers seem to be pretty hot on the rumour list and with recent releases such as ‘Wheels’ it comes as no surprise that Dave Grohl and the lads lads are odd-on favourites for the main stage.






The Killers:

The ‘Mr Brightside’ stars are also pretty hot to appear on the main stage at some point during the festival. In my view, not a bad band at all to please the majority of the fans that flock to the muddy fields!





Two Door Cinema Club:

These three indie lads have been pretty prominent in the music scene recently with talks of a second album after their last, ‘Tourist History’, was pretty well received.







Green Day:

No decent Reading Festival rumour list would be complete without these guys. There is no doubt that Green Day are the recent punk-rock legends, but I’m not sure if I would want to see any more pictures of them on that same stage again! Nevertheless, rumours still swirl that they are destined for the main stage.





Bloc Party:

With proposed intentions to release a fourth studio album in 2012, it comes as no surprise that these indie boys are being rumoured around the Reading Festival buzz. They have recently announced on Zane Lowe’s breakfast show that they have finished recording 2 whole tracks.






Mumford & Sons:

After triumph at last years festival I wouldn’t be surprised to see this folk band again. The tracks off of their recent album were a massive hit and these boys more than likely have something new up their sleeve!






Either love him or hate him, this dubstep mastermind will be sure to kick up the mud at Reading. This is a definite must see!






And the award for the most naive rumour goes to… 

Jay-Z & Kanye West:

It would just make it too perfect, wouldn’t it? The stars of ‘Watch The Throne’ would surely be too good to miss live. Hopefully this one is true, but I’d keep my money in my pocket if I was a betting man!

Written by: Ryan Tinslay


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