The Session Board: London Special 04/02/2012

Yo! So this is the first time the BackToBasicsTV crew has hit the fabled streets of old London town.

Find out what we got up to…

Swooshing through Waterloo station in the morning

Casually venturing into Soho for our session with Chris Wilson

Soho Square – Home of Hansel and Gretel

Pretty sweet session with Chris Wilson as he played his version of Lego House by Ed Sheeran

Who the hell is Mark?

Regent’s Park was a great place to film Shotaway, apart from the sub-zero temperatures!

Had a great session filming Shotaway, these guys have some serious talent!

This was just too vintage to miss!

Probably not the best marketing photograph for the Underground…

The hustle and bustle of Waterloo in the evening.

Danger – Keep Clear Of The Platform Edge

Definitely time to head back home after a busy day, just before the snow hit!

Watch out for more of ‘The Session Board’ and more acoustic videos from Chris Wilson and Shotaway who did sessions for us!


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