Burn Your Heroes Clothing

Aberdeenshire-based independent clothing line, Burn Your Heroes, are today’s fresh find and their alternative designs have certainly turned a few heads since their foundation at the start of 2010. BYH is heavily based around band culture and they have endorsed many rock and metal bands such as NeverMeansMaybe and Our Final Hour. Their eye-catchy designs are top quality and their prices are extremely reasonable!

Check out more below…

Their new ‘Circle Game’ tee (last image) has been extremely well-received and supplies are already running low. Based on this information, and the 2,600+ likes on Facebook, it appears that Burn Your Heroes are not doing too badly at all for themselves. Surprisingly, BYH is owned and run solely by David Simpson from his home, but with the quality of deigns he is generating I can’t see him being there for too much longer!

Here’s what Burn Your Heroes have to say about themselves: “BYH was created in January 2010 when David was inspired by a local independant clothing line, to create his own line of clothing. Something that he could see himself and others wearing at all times. David has worked with several graphic illustrators to bring a unique touch to his line as well as using some of his own artwork. With help from artists such as Curtis Gallagher, Joe Daku, Callum Green and Toby Holmes, they perfected the ideal designs of David’s visions”.

To visit their store and take advantage of their amazing deals then simply click the image below…

Or fly over to their Facebook page HERE




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