Cities of Glass – From Where We Are (EP Review)

Fleet’s alternative rockers continue to stride down the path towards stardom with their brand new EP ‘From Where We Are’

As alternative rock bands seem to spawn in an uncontrollable manner, it’s becoming harder and harder to grasp the necessary attention to push for the big stage. That said, the breathtaking mixture of powerful, honest vocals, tantalizing guitars and pounding, yet beautifully crafted drum rhythms smash this barrier of a hypothesis right into the ground. There is no bemusement as to how Cities Of Glass have finally found their feet.

The Hampshire-born lads; completed by Rich Hutchinson (vocals and rhythm guitar), Imran Mair (drums), John Williams (bass) and Dave Cuzner (lead guitar), have already invaded iTunes with their original EP ‘From Where We Are’, which truly sparked interest from the local music scene, and indeed the world, featuring on MUZU.TV and even a Spanish review channel!

The title track, ‘From Where We Are’, oozes with energy and has everything an alternative rock band needs; catchy hooks, a compelling chorus and driving vocals. The raw power of this song, and indeed the whole EP, is something to be praised, and tapping along to the beat comes without realising. To separate themselves from the rest, Cities of Glass have filmed another official music video for ‘From Where We Are’ as their video to ‘Clever My Dear’ was such a success. One notable feature of the whole EP is the extremely high standard of production and mixing, which is something many new bands neglect. But Cities of Glass managed to bag some valuable time in Air Studios, London, working with the producer Adam Noble (Muse, Mumford & sons, U2, Sir Paul McCartney) and what a move it turned out to be! I caught up with Imran Mair (Drums) about their time working with Adam Noble and he had nothing but praise for his work…

“We loved working with Adam and we would really love to work with him again. We are really happy with the results and I felt that we were all on the same page when we were working together, and as a band we feel that this came through in the music.”

The three-tracked EP then flows onto the calm, yet ever-building ‘Expect Less’. This track beautifully showcases everything the Hampshire lads are known for and brings energy and focus in abundance, as the song builds to it climax. It is extremely hard to not sing along to this number that could easily be touring alongside the likes of You Me At Six, Kids In Glass Houses, and many other similar artists.

Sadly, their is an ending to this EP, but don’t feel too sad just yet! This ending comes in the form of ‘The Only One’, which takes influences from many rock and indie bands from The Kooks, to The Artic Monkeys, to Fall Out Boy. Everything slots perfectly into place in this track, with cutting guitar riffs complementing the deep bass lines that fill your ears. The build-up towards the end of song will definitely be the envy of many up-and-coming indie bands in the UK, and even those well established!

Cities of Glass have built up an extremely strong fan-base and to celebrate their new EP they have a gig on 6 March at the Railway, Winchester, and another on 27 April at the Underbelly in Hoxton. But it doesn’t stop there for the band. After speaking to the guys they have revealed that they are planning on playing at some festivals in the summer as well as headline shows. And for all those who are screaming out for a full-length album, Imran Mair spoke to me and said…

“We will be mainly writing in the next couple of months. We have a few more songs in the bag, but there are always parts we want to change and its just trying to get knuckled down and refine that”

BackToBasicsTV Rating: 8/10

Cities of Glass have also released their first taste of merchandise for an amazing £5 (image directly below)!!! Simply contact them on Facebook HERE

Written By Ryan Tinslay


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