Best University Prank!

Today’s fresh find is all about pranks! As far as pranks go it is often the most in depth and thoughtful ones that grab the most attention, and the lads at Southampton Solent Uni have done just that with their mental prank that took 4 days to set up! We met up with the guys for an exclusive interview, check it out below…

A casual 400 meters of tin foil was used to literally cover EVERYTHING in this poor lads room. From individually wrapped DVDs, to a foil covered ‘Where’s Wally?’ doll to the windows and curtains, these guys literally stopped at nothing. The morale of the story? Don’t leave your dorm room open for 4 days when you live with guys like this! To be honest though, I am loving the community spirit in this video!

I spoke to Ross Pollendine, one of the guys behind the prank, to find out a little more about their motives…

What was the initial inspiration for this mental idea?

Well our mate Dan Rushton knocked on jakes door after a night out and we found his door was open, so we just thought instantly prank! Then thought tin foil was a good shout!

So it took four days and 400 meters of foil, which store did you choose to buy this from?

Well initially we asked around to get the foil, so we used all of our flat mates, then on day three when we got to the walls me and Jonny Senior literally ran to Asda to buy ten rolls.

Loving the community spirit!

Yeah our flat’s tight mate, everyone was so up for it so just did a cheeky whip round.

This video has had an unbelievable reception, are you considering any more videos on a regular basis?

Ermmmm, it was kind of a spur of the moment thing, but if the opportunity comes around again then definitely! Bigger and better!

Haha can’t wait for it! Any ideas as to what that would be?

Haha well had some plans with planting watercress in the carpet, but nothing planned yet, will probably just wait till we get the chance and run with the first thing we think of.

HAHAHAHAHA Watercress!!!!! That’s brilliant!

Yeah would be so funny, watercress literally grows anywhere so just lay the seeds and watch it grow!

Well cheers for talking to me Ross, hope the vid continues to go viral!

Cheers buddy!


If you think you have a better prank of your own or have seen something better then please leave a reply in the comment box below.


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  1. this is so fucking mental!

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