Dope Chef Clothing

Today’s ‘Fresh Find’ is the London-based street cultural clothing company that deals with all things dope – Dope Chef! These guys really have a lot going for them, with t-shirt collaborations with Mikill Pane to over 45 different tee’s alone, not even mentioning the hoodys, jackets, sweatshirts, shirts and snapbacks they have to offer. If you want to be seen in the freshest attire 2012 has to offer then I seriously suggest you get yourself on this frigin’ website!

Check out their huge array of threads below…

Impressively, Dope Chef is already being stocked in Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge, London and is being flashed around the scene with the help of up-and-coming rapper Mikill Pane and the UK’s favourite boys Rizzle Kicks.

This is what Dope Chef have to say about their brand and their concept, “In a world increasingly civilised by law and order, it’s ironic to find that some of the most celebrated figures are also the most controversial. These Teflon Dons of society seem to defy the rulebooks with their genius talents and radical lifestyles feeding the medias perpetual hunger for controversy. These Dope Chefs dwell in all social realms such as politics, art, music, film and media; Take Cats like Keith Richardson, Bill Clinton, Andy Warhol, Tony Montana, Calvin Broadus… the list is endless. This double life as hero and villain is what characterises a Dope Chef”.

Dope Chef have a brand new set of stock out and if you had an ounce of sense in your body you would at least go check it out!

To check out everything dope then simply visit their website by clicking HERE

Or alternatively head over to their Facebook page HERE


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