Thunder Apparel

Today’s Fresh Find is the brand new clothing company known as Thunder Apparel. Yet another fresh company that swung its virtual doors open towards the end of 2011, these guys are doing pretty well for themselves, with a number of fine tees and bamboo products that are soon to be the next hottest things on the market. Don’t believe me? Well check it out for yourselves…

Thunder Apparel is based around the indie and alternative scene that seems to be taking this country by storm. Based in both London and Leeds, Thunder Apparel say they are offer “affordable attire”, which in our eyes is extremely true, with the average price of a tee being £13.99!!

Unless stated otherwise, all clothing is unisex. But Thunder Apparel not only have tees and sweaters in their stores, but also something rather cool. Bamboo. You heard it correct! Thunder Apparel stock special edition bamboo iPhone cases and Wayfarer  sunglasses. Check it out….

This trend is certainly unique and bound to catch on. Thunder Apparel have somehow made these affordable as well as frigin’ awesome, with the sunglasses costing a modest £15 (suck on that Topman) and the iPhone case £17.99.

To take a closer look at all the products or even to find out a bit more about Thunder Apparel then just fly over to there website HERE… From there you will be able to follow links to their Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr pages.


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