The Home of Youth Music Entertainment

BackToBasicsTV is the home of youth music entertainment, dealing with the latest in youth music and even youth culture. BackToBasicsTV released their first acoustic session onto the internet on 3 December 2011 from a bright vision two young lads had. That vision was to become the central hub of all youth-related music, with an emphasis on the high-definition acoustic sessions we film with many artists. Since first gracing the internet, BackToBasicsTV has already come so far and has expanded into more than any other promotional YouTube channel. The aim of the BackToBasicsTV blog is to become the home of all music news, reviews, interviews and even gossip – your number one destination!

Not only do we deal with music  here at BackToBasicsTV, but we also involve ourselves with many factors of youth culture, such as fashion trends and generally mind-blowing stuff. This has already been well-received and these features can be found in the ‘Fresh Finds’ segment on the site.

We continue to book ever more live sessions so we can bring you the latest talent that is currently circulating across the UK. Also, we strive to bring you even more music reviews and brand new interviews for our lovely fans!

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Watch the BackToBasicsTV promo video HERE…

If any guitar players, singers, rappers, piano players or general musicians are reading this and fancy doing a live session just drop us a line on twitter or email Ryan.BTB@live.co.uk

Here’s the team:

Ryan Tinslay, Sam Scales, Andy Kane


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