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Test Your Strength Clothing

Today’s Fresh Find is the new up-and-coming independent clothing company founded in 2011 – Test Your Strength. These guys sell a fine array of tees, beanies, snapbacks, jackets and even bamboo iPhone cases! Yeah these things are cool! Check it all out below…

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Thunder Apparel

Today’s Fresh Find is the brand new clothing company known as Thunder Apparel. Yet another fresh company that swung its virtual doors open towards the end of 2011, these guys are doing pretty well for themselves, with a number of fine tees and bamboo products that are soon to be the next hottest things on the market. Don’t believe me? Well check it out for yourselves…

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X.C.V.B Clothing

Established in 2010, XCVB have recently taken the UK by storm with their fresh hipster look. From snapbacks to vests to jumpers to tees, these guys have it all. Their simple, yet eye-catching designs are reasonably priced and well worth a punt. But don’t just take our word for it, check out the images below…

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American Pie: Reunion

It’s been over ten years since we first saw the guys begin their quest to lose their virginity in high school, and American Pie: Reunion is the hilarious story of when the original guys are reunited for the good of all humanity!┬áIf there is one thing that every party loving teenager has to have seen since is mind-blowing birth in 1999 is one of the American Pie movies. Thankfully, 2012 is the year of the fourth instalment that sees the cast reunited for another tale of booze, high school chicks and Stiffler’s mum!

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Dope Chef Clothing

Today’s ‘Fresh Find’ is the London-based street cultural clothing company that deals with all things dope – Dope Chef! These guys really have a lot going for them, with t-shirt collaborations with Mikill Pane to over 45 different tee’s alone, not even mentioning the hoodys, jackets, sweatshirts, shirts and snapbacks they have to offer. If you want to be seen in the freshest attire 2012 has to offer then I seriously suggest you get yourself on this frigin’ website!

Check out their huge array of threads below…

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Wrecking Crew Orchestra light up the floor!

Street dance troops have become a big part of youth culture in the UK with the likes of Diversity taking centre stage. Today’s ‘Fresh Find’ is the amazing Wrecking Crew Orchestra, a dance troop who blend energy and focus seamlessly with the addition of amazing lighting tricks to put on a mental show! Imagine Diversity meets Space Mountain, who then meets Times Square at night – crazy!

Read more to check out the mind blowing video…

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Best University Prank!

Today’s fresh find is all about pranks! As far as pranks go it is often the most in depth and thoughtful ones that grab the most attention, and the lads at Southampton Solent Uni have done just that with their mental prank that took 4 days to set up! We met up with the guys for an exclusive interview, check it out below…

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Burn Your Heroes Clothing

Aberdeenshire-based independent clothing line, Burn Your Heroes, are today’s fresh find and their alternative designs have certainly turned a few heads since their foundation at the start of 2010. BYH is heavily based around band culture and they have endorsed many rock and metal bands such as NeverMeansMaybe and Our Final Hour. Their eye-catchy designs are top quality and their prices are extremely reasonable!

Check out more below…

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OFF KEY Clothing

Today’s special feature is of another new independent clothing company – OFF KEY Clothing. Only forming a mere few months ago in 2011, the guys behind OFF KEY Clothing have already established quite a following with their brand new sweaters selling faster than hot cakes!

Check out some of their tattoo and skating influenced designs…

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